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EkoLine Arte 73


• Fully 5-chamber system with a depth (ie, frame width) 73 mm, providing thermal protection at a very high level.
• Ability to use glazing having a thickness of 24 to 42 mm without the use of additional profiles.
• The wall thickness of the outer profile is 2.8 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm),
• The two external seals to ensure a good sealing, sound insulation and thermal insulation.
• Proven steel reinforcements for excellent static, long-term behavior of the windows and burglar safety
• Design of classical optics and balanced proportions. Soft, neutral look and external contours fit virtually any façade. Profiles suitable for bending arches.
• Reliable mounting fittings in the sash and frame profile through several walls, including fittings burglary.
• The frame can further mount fittings and the load-bearing assembly having a closed section steel reinforcement.
• Smooth, easy to clean and maintenance free surface profiles made from high quality PVC