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VEKA Softline 82 (MD)


• Revolutions market energy-efficient windows
• Gently contoured shapes. The lower construction height allows for better illumination of the apartment.
• Multi-chamber design. Three chambers provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
• Dwupowierzchniowe seal mounted with a slope of 15 degrees to fit flush with the profile and provide excellent drainage.
• Special seal chamber prevents the penetration of moisture and air.
• The wall thickness profile conforms to RAL.
• perfectly smooth surfaces of plastics completely resistant to weathering and aging, which do not require painting.
• Fitting sinus is located in the axis of 13 mm allows the use of stronger components okuciowych.
• The special design of the strengthening of the wings ensures ideal statics and safety.
• Additional ribbing frame provides a stable mounting tabs okuciowych.
• Excellent water removal provides a special design of the front of the chamber frame.
• The three seals (outer, middle and inner) insulates the noise, moisture, cold and draft. Central seal is firmly attached to the frame.