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Material Blinds

Interial material blinds are currently one of the most popular window shutter systems.Simple and convenient to install, they protect the room and increase the aesthetics of any interior.

Material blinds perfectly match PVC, aluminum and wooden windows, and after installation they become an integral part of the window.

There are two blinds systems:

  • free-hanging blinds
  • in the cassette

'Day - night ' Blinds

Day-Night blinds are made of a double layer of material that can be freely adjusted.

They have two different levels of light transmission: high in transparent belts (delicate, but very durable mesh) and low in blackout belts (fabric in a selected color).

uch a system will not only protect the room from the sun’s rays, but can also replace the curtains and serve as a decorative element of the room.

There are two blinds systems:

  • free-hanging blinds
  • in the cassette

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are one of the most modern types of window cover. In Roman blinds, modernity is synonymous with absolute functionality. Roman blinds look good in classic rooms as well as in modern apartments where they are an elegant complement to the decoration. They are an ideal alternative for rolling blind and even for traditional curtains.

Outside blinds

Exterior blinds perfectly protect the interior against excessive heating and insolation. Modern external roller blinds made of high quality materials also provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, result in significant savings in thermal energy consumption, protect window openings and elevation from damage and adverse weather conditions. Exterior blinds can be perfectly adapted to modern as well as traditional architectural objects.