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VEKA Alphaline 90 Plus


• A 6-chamber system with a depth of 90 mm (the width of the frame) provides thermal protection at the highest level: when using a standard glass (Ug = 1.0 or 1.1 W / m 2K) and a frame without a thermal insert, we obtain a heat transfer coefficient Uw of 1.1 to 1.2 W / m2K for the entire window. In the variant with triple glazing (Ug = 0.7 W / m2 K) and thermal insert, the heat transfer coefficient for the entire window is Uw = 0.9 W / m2K, which qualifies the construction for use in energy-saving (passive) houses and for thermo-modernization.
• Possibility to use glazing with a thickness of 24 to 50 mm in a two- or triple-glass system.
• The thickness of the external walls of the profile meet the highest RAL standards – Class A (PN-EN 12608).
• Triple gasket system with a central gasket ensur perfect tightness, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Aesthetic, gray gaskets factory-fitted during the extrusion process can be joined together by welding. External seals with targeted surfaces, like profiles, with a 15-degree slope, provide excellent protection against uncontrolled air exchange and excellently drain water and dirt. Proven steel reinforcements known from VEKA 70-millimeter profiles, provide excellent static stability and long-term functionality.
• Design with a classic optic and balanced proportions referring to PERFECTLINE profiles. Due to the subdued, neutral appearance and external contours it fits virtually to every façade. Profiles are suitable for bending arcs.
• The low overall height of the sash profiles and the frame of only 118 mm provides a larger glass surface and excellent interior lighting.
• Secure installation of fittings in the wing and frame through several profile walls.
• Possible additional mounting of fittings and assembly of supporting elements for steel reinforcement in the frame. The reinforcement is always made as a closed section.
• Usage of the same fittings as in the 70-millimeter VEKA systems (eg PERFECTLINE).
• Availability of a wide range of compatible combined and complementary components from 70-millimeter VEKA profile systems.
• While designing the Alphaline 90 system, a special emphasis was put on maintaining compatibility with the PERFECTLINE system. Thus, you can use the same steel reinforcements, gaskets, under windowsill profiles and other additional profiles, e.g. some couplings.
• The possibility of using a novel thermal insert integrated with one of the chambers of the frame profile additionally increases the already very good thermal insulation.
• The 13-mm axis of the fitting groove provides better protection against breaking or removing the window.
• Some rear windows in the profile depth of 24 mm makes it difficult to force the window stay and reduces unwanted condensation on the glass of water vapor.
• Certain embedding of the pane in a profile with a depth of 24 mm causes that the window is more difficult to force unwanted guests and reduces the condensation on the window of a steam.