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VEKA Artline 82


  • The ultra-modern system of window profiles of PVC VEKA ARTLINE is a breakthrough in terms of functionality and design proposition. Its distinguishing feature is called. optics frameless glazing, that is, such a construction profile, which consists of analyzing the external appearance of the facade, on the optical hidden casement frame by frame, and then the possibility of almost totally hide the window frame for warming the building (e.g. made. with styropianiu). The result is a window with almost invisible from the outside and within the huge compared to the traditional systems of window glazing surfaces. So purist artistic design system is an important contribution to the architecture of cleanliness, not only for the new construction, but also in the renovation of old buildings.
  • ARTLINE system of the multi-chamber geometry and installation depth of 82 mm, providing even without an excellent warming the building heat transfer coefficient profiles Uf = 1.0 W / m2K. However, after the buildings from the outside of the window frame of the building and eliminate global warming thus subsequent thermal bridges, the potential of the insulation system is approaching the level set clear parameters for passive house.
  • Trójszybowe glazing panes with a thickness of a package of 34 to 60 mm allowing customized solutions glazing wings.
  • The wall thickness of the outer profile is 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm), which is a parameter that meets the highest standards of RAL – Class A (DIN EN 12608).
  • Although the profiles of the frame are on the outside of the building largely retracted, it is possible to give them the desired color. Through the use of overlays of aluminum, a whole range of RAL colors.
  • Standard version ARTLINE is fitted with three seals (outer, middle and inner) perfect isolation noise, cold and moisture. Central seal is securely fastened to the frame of the door frame.
  • Proven for decades recommendable steel reinforcements VEKA provide excellent statics, long-term behavior of the windows and security shutters. In the frame of the chamber steel reinforced closed, while the open side of the reinforcement double sfalcowanym.
  • ARTLINE profiles are suitable for bending arches. You can use one of two types of mullions: internal or external.
  • Smooth, easy to care and maintenance-surface sections made of high quality PVC material to be nearly 100% recyclable.
  • Compatible with all branded hardware available on the market, including hardware burglary.
  • A wide range of accessories and complementary elements such as window sills and skirting profiles, roller shutter boxes, clutches, gain, wall brackets etc. Smooth, easy to clean and maintenance free surface profiles made from high-quality PVC material to be almost 100% recyclable.