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VEKA Swing 70


• Fully 5-chamber system (5 chambers in the frame and 5 chambers in the wing profile) with a depth (ie, frame width) of 70 mm, providing thermal protection at a very high level. When using the package of hot glass frame obtained for the entire window, the heat transmission coefficient Uw = 1.1 W / m2K. When using a lower glazing Ug is possible to achieve Uw <1.0 W / m2K. (Based on DIN EN 10077, U-values refer to windows of size. 1230 x 1480 mm, that of the area. 1.82 m
• Ability to use glazing having a thickness of from 8 to 42 mm without the use of additional profiles. Applicability of the glazing to 49 mm.
• the wall thickness of the outer profile is 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm), i.e. the parameter that meets the highest standards of RAL class A (DIN EN 12608).
• The two external seals to ensure a good sealing, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Seal surfaces oriented with a slope of 15 degrees (the same as profiles) allow for excellent drainage of water and impurities.
• Proven steel reinforcements for excellent static, long-term behavior of the windows and security shutters. The frame is designed to strengthen the chamber Steel closed, while in the wing – to strengthen the open double-folded (the solution unique in the window technique). The possibility of building the wings of a width of 1500 mm without additional protection.
• Design of classical optics and balanced proportions. Soft, neutral look and external contours fit virtually any façade. Profiles suitable for bending arches. Ability to use one of three types of mullions: internal, external or glued sharing design window.
• Low total amount of lateral wing and frame profile of only 118 mm provides a large surface glass and excellent lighting of the interior.
• Reliable mounting fittings in the sash and frame profile through several walls, including fittings burglary.
• The frame can further mount fittings and the load-bearing assembly having a closed section steel reinforcement.
• smooth, easy to care and maintenance-surface sections made of high quality PVC – the material being 100% recyclable.
• 13-millimeter axis of the fitting notch provides a solid protection from breaking or removing windows.
• Some embedding glass in the profile depth of 21 mm is limited to condense on the glass of water vapor, and makes it difficult to force the window stay undesirable.
• Seals in black, gray or caramel – matched to trim profiles – improve the aesthetics of the windows.
• When the proper glazing system can meet the conditions for the sound insulation of class 6, the noise suppression expressway