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AF 50S

AF 50S

Silicon variant of AF 50

The AF 50S facade system is characterised by its high-level aesthetics and light build. This modern design perfectly complements office buildings by enhancing their attractiveness and class. This system allows for the use of slim, 20 mm multi-glazing. This solution influences thermal parameters so it is suitable for changeable weather.

Three ways of glazing:

  • point connection to embedded fasteners
  • glued frame grip
  • inner frame support
  • possibility of creating vertical or horizontal lines
Selected parameters and system features
Glazing range up to 62 mm
Windowless wall air permeability AE 1650 Pa
Water tightness RE 2500 Pa
Facade’s thermal insulation U from 0,56 W/m2K
Glazing weight capacity do 500 kg
Inter glazing joint 20 mm
Lintel – sill strips are available with fire resistance EI 30 i EI 60