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AS 52

AS 52

Window and door systems for exteriors

Developed with downsizing in mind, the AS 52 provides all the required parameters and maintains fully optimised construction. Thermally insulated, the AS 52 is suitable for creating both light and durable aluminium constructions which are extremely useful on the exterior.


  • Door leaves faced with a frame
  • Aluminium drainage caps
  • Self-cleaning area near the glazing
  • Notch or surface hinges in doors are optional
  • Arc constructions, including welded ones


Selected features and system parameters
Width of window frame and door profile 52 mm
Range of glazed filling do 42,5 mm
Thermal insulation for doors od 1,55 W/m2K
Thermal insulation for windows od 1,06 W/m2K
Possible types of cladding alu, PCV